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Welcome to the Mercedes-Benz of Tyler Service Center portal, your home for expert maintenance and repairs on Mercedes-Benz vehicles. As the only Mercedes-Benz dealer from Dallas to Shreveport, LA, we realize the critical role we play in keeping your car running like the finely tuned machine you’ve come to expect. Whether you live in Longview, Jacksonville, or Lufkin, our Tyler, TX, service center can help with all your scheduled and unscheduled services. Our dealership amenities include the following: Wifi, Multiple lounges including a private lounge, personal work stations and refreshments.

You’ve invested good money in your Mercedes-Benz, so you need to ensure you’re doing everything possible to keep it running at peak performance. In addition, many factory warranties require you to perform regular maintenance to your vehicle at specific milestones of age and mileage. These services do more than validate your warranty. They impact the efficiency of your Mercedes-Benz. An efficient car saves you money, and a well-maintained Mercedes-Benz retains its value better, longer.

Factory Certified Technicians

We provide ongoing training to all service center technicians to keep them updated on the latest repair processes for every Mercedes-Benz model. So when you bring your car to our service center, you know we perform every vehicle service to precise manufacturer specifications. When you drive away, you’ll know your Mercedes-Benz will work the same as the day it first rolled off the assembly line. That’s because we only use OEM-certified parts and factory-certified repair techniques.

Why Use OEM-Certified Parts?

The same manufacturer makes the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) parts, as did the parts initially installed in your Mercedes-Benz. In addition, OEM parts manufacturers use the same materials and exact specifications for size and functionality as the original parts. Thus, OEM parts provide the precise replacement of the old, worn-out part.

OEM parts fit correctly and work the same, and include a factory warranty so that you can count on the performance and quality of OEM-certified parts. Some mechanics use aftermarket parts to save you money. However, an aftermarket parts manufacturer doesn’t get held to the same high standard as OEM manufacturers. Aftermarket manufacturers make everything from standard parts to high-performance parts, accessories, body parts, and interior furnishings.

You might not notice a difference by simply looking at an aftermarket part, which confuses people who don’t understand. Most people assume since they look the same, they must work the same, but unfortunately, this isn’t true. Aftermarket parts manufacturers don’t have the same production standards. This lower standard means they only have to fit or work, but not to the precise measurements or functionality.

Often, aftermarket parts manufacturers use lower-quality materials. This lower quality results in a shorter life span than OEM parts. In some cases, aftermarket parts have a poor fit or simply don’t fit at all. You see, aftermarket parts manufacturers produce a single part to replace multiple brands, not the single OEM brand. So, for example, it could be slightly longer or shorter, wider or slimmer, but it still technically works. Yet, the size might prevent you from fitting the part into its designed space, or perhaps the mounting bracket has a slight variation, and you can’t bolt it on securely.

These lesser quality materials and lower production standards allow aftermarket parts manufacturers to sell you parts at a reduced price. Still, if it doesn’t fit properly, work correctly, or last as long, have you really saved money? Order your OEM Mercedes-Benz parts here.

Tire Rotations, Tire Replacements, and Wheel Alignments

We recommend you rotate the tires on your Mercedes-Benz around every 10,000 miles or every other oil change. Rotating your tires prevents them from wearing unevenly due to the different driving dynamics and load between axles. Our service center technicians can rotate your tires while changing your oil without adding time to your service visit. We will inspect your tires for wear and, if necessary, recommend a replacement. To learn more about Mercedes-Benz tire maintenance, check out our blog on the subject here!

Brake Inspections and Service

Your brakes should be inspected every 10,000-15,000 miles. Again, our service center technicians can handle a brake inspection while changing your oil and rotating your tires. If you experience issues with your brakes, you can bring your car in for an inspection at any time. Our technicians are experts at diagnosing and repairing problems with your brakes. If you hear squealing or grinding sounds when braking, you should have your brakes inspected immediately. These sounds indicate your brake pads have worn out or perhaps something more serious.

Battery Service

Your Mercedes-Benz battery provides the energy to start your vehicle and run your electrical systems. If your car battery fails, you could be left stranded. If you’re experiencing power issues with your car, let our factory-certified technicians have a look. Our team has received training to diagnose and fix the problem. Then, if necessary, we can replace your battery with one from our inventory.

Additional Services We Provide at Mercedes-Benz of Tyler

We recommend bringing your car to our service center for regular maintenance to keep your Mercedes-Benz running correctly. At Mercedes-Benz of Tyler, we can perform all your routine services and any type of repairs.

Our service center uses state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose and repair everything on your Mercedes-Benz. We perform general automotive repairs, A/C services, cooling system and radiator maintenance and repairs, alternators, starters, transmission services, and suspension repairs. If you have a question or would like to schedule a service, you can contact us online or stop in at any time.

At Mercedes-Benz of Tyler, we understand the importance of regular maintenance. That’s why we offer online service specials to encourage you to keep your car serviced. We also respect your time. That’s why we dedicate two technicians to every vehicle service, so they can perform your routine maintenance quickly and get you back to your busy life. Of course, we encourage you to schedule service online for faster service, but you can bring your car in at any time if you’re having issues.

Mercedes me connect:

The Digital Extension of your Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes me connect

Whether you’re starting your engine, getting customer support or simply checking your fuel, Mercedes me connect is here to make life easier. Benefits include:

Start your engine – anytime, anywhere.
Remotely lock or unlock your vehicle
Easily locate your vehicle
up-to-the-minute vehicle data.
Send an address to your vehicle’s navigation system.
Available on iOS and Android

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